Biblical projects



The gospel according to Matthew in central aargovian dialect


Central aargovian dialect is a dialect of german, which is spoken in the 
middle of the canton Aargau in Switzerland. Because this is also the 
language Im speaking, I regretted, that the holy bible is translated 
partially into 6000 languages, but not in mine. So I began to translate the 
gospel according to Matthew into this language. For this I developed an 
own alphabet. As base for the translation I took the german Elberfelder-
translation and other common bible-translation (the versions in Bern-
dialect and Zurich-dialect too). Until now there are just chapters 1-8 


D Schddammbum f Jeesus


1 S Buch f d Abschddammg f Jeesus Chreschddus, m Sn fm Daafdd, m Sn fm Abrahamm.

2 D Abrahamm hdd d Isaak zgt. .

The twelve most beautiful chapters in the bible


I elected 12 chapters in the bible, which

are the most esthetical and poetical in

my opinion.




Job 28

Psalm 22

Psalm 23

Psalm 92

Psalm 103

Ecclesiastes 1

Isaiah 40

Isaiah 53

Matthew 5

Matthew 6

Matthew 7

1. Corinthians 13

The family tree of the bible


Geneology of the person mentioned in the Bibel, from Adam to Jesus.

With 1700 persons and tribes.

All information according to the Holy Bible.

You can download the bible family tree as


Excel-file or


jpg-file (picture)




The chronological table of the bible


Graphical diagram of the time from creation to year zero. From Adam to David just according the information of the Bible. Then complete with further historical details.

You can download the bible family tree as


Excel-file or


jpg-file (picture)



Collection of bibles in foreign languages


Im fascinated, that the holy bible, my favorite

book, is translated in so many languages.

Therefore on travels I often buy a bible in the

local language. Some samples I got on other