Personal informations



name, forename:
Weber-Bär, Konrad
Salzbodenstrasse 22, CH-4310 Rheinfelden
civil status:
married with Vera Weber-Bär
christian, protestant
date of birth:
58 kg
177 cm
colour of hairs:
colour of eyes:
maps, reliefs, hiking, skiing, travelling



Curriculum vitae


I was born on 1977-06-19 in Aarau (Switzerland) and lived until 2003 in Oftringen. In school I was interested in nature sciences and I wanted to become a science-teacher as well. After primary school and high school in the village of Oftringen I proceed to the college in Zofingen in 1993. In this time I confirmed my christian faith and joined the bible-group of the college. Also in the college-time I got known my present wife Vera Bär.

Since 1994 I also began to construct reliefs of landscapes, to collect maps and to go hiking in the alps.


From 1997 to 2002 I studied chemistry and geography at the university of Basel. In the eighth semester of the study, I wrote my diploma work in Tromsø (Norway).

Beside the ordinary studies I also got lections of pedagogics, didactics and psychology. Following further interests, there were also courses in physics in my curriculum.

Outside university I leaded a youth-group of the protestant church of Oftringen. On holiday I was on various travels. After graduation at university, I fulfilled my education at the pedagogic institute in Basel, where I got the licence of gymnasium-teacher for chemistry and geography in 2003 and 2004. Since then I’m teaching (mostly geography) at the economical college (Wirtschaftsgymnasium) in Basel. On other schools like the college at the Münsterplatz Basel, the colleges of Muttenz, Liestal or Olten I was working temporary.


Some years I also worked as an assistant of Prof. Dr. R. Marr for the Swiss World-Atlas and the corresponding commentary book. In 2003 I began a accompanying dissertation in a similar subject.


In December 2003 me and Vera moved to Rheinfelden and at 2004-06-12 we married in Zofingen.





Since 1989-09-30 I write a diary of every day. It fits in now in 69 volumes with about 5500 pages. I can recommend to everybody to write a diary as well, because I think it’s an invaluable worth to have the possibility to remember so many forgotten dates, impressions and details.