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Val Grande is a wonderful valley in northern Italy which still is a marvelous paradise of nature and wilderness, far away from civilization.

The national park Val Grande even calls itself the biggest wilderness-area in the alps. In Val Grande you can do easy hiking or trekking tours of two or three days. The most exciting tours are documented in the german version

Val Grande is situated between Verbania, Domodossola and Malesco. One can reach it from Switzerland by passing the Simplon tunnel or from Locarno following the valley Centovalli. From Milan the are direct trains to Verbania.





Some pictures from my trips into Val Grande:



Allí Erta

Bocchetta di Lavatta


Arca Arca


near Pogallo Main gorge

Zone Integrale

Cima Pedum viewed from Alpe Biordo


Cima Pedum from south


Alpe Serena and Coletta

Above Alpe Scaredi


Piz Mottac

Upper valley, viewed from Monte Togano


Cima Sasso



Alpe Scaredi Piz Mottac    


Val Pogallo



Cima Pedum Val Nibbio Main gorge



Alpe Scaredi with Monte Rosa


Motto di Campo



In La Piana


The gorge above Baldesaut

Alpe Campo di sopra


Cima Pedum in the mist


The gorge above Baldesaut

Waterfall near Alpe Boschelli


Main gorge near Arca