A new synthetic language for the simple international communication




3rd edition 2015

© Konrad Weber, Gelterkinden






Conic is a new language, which could replace the english language as world-language, because conic is a very simple language and ideal to learn as second language. As a mother language conic is not qualified, because of its little vocabulary and minimal possibility of differentiation. On purpose the conic words are short. There are no spelling rules existing. The main part of the vocabulary is derived from the three most speaken languages: English, Spanish and French. In second priority there are also relations to Russian, Italian, German, Dutch and Latin. So, most of the conic words just are familiar with the majority of human being. But also those, who have to learn it basically, are able to manage the simple vocabulary and the easy grammar even with little intelligence in a few time. Specially for tourists this language would be useful for a simple but clear communication.






Conic is based on the latin alphabeth without the letters k,q,w und y. Every letter is pronouced separately and according to the rules of the latin language. Except the letter j is pronounced as „sh“ (like in „shell“). There is no difference between small and capital letters. Verbs are not declinated. Three cases exist: genitive, introduced with the word „de“; dative and accusativ, with the word

„a“ = on/by/to; and the common nominative. grammatical sexes do not exist like in the english language. Adverbs and adjecives are not distinguished, they always are placed ahead of the substantive. Comparisons are done with the words „plus“, „max“, or „minus“, max minus“ ahead of the adjectives. Personal pronouns are always ahead substantives. The verb „to be“ usually is left out, if it should be emphasised, the word „existe“ can be used.






0                                          nul

1                                          un

2                                          du

3                                          tre

4                                          cvart

5                                          pent

6                                          six

7                                          sep

8                                          oct

9                                          non

10                                       dec

100                                     zent

1000                                   mil

ordering numbers are the same expressions like the usual numbers, but behind the substantives (e.g. the third dog“ = „dog tre“). Months and the days of the week are simply numbered.


Personal pronouns:

                                            nominative     case

I                                          i                        me

you                                     tu                     te

he/she                                el                      ele

it                                          sing                  a sing

we                                       is                      mes

you                                     tus                    tes

they                                    els                    eles

                                            sing                  sings


word forms:


The words consists of principal words, which mostly have several meanings in english. From the principal words can be formed the belonging verbs, adjectives, participles or composes. In dictionary contains all principle words, but combinations can be constructed in a free way. words printed in italics are examples of combinations.





suffixes und prefixes:

-a                                        verbs in past time

-e                                         verbs in present time

-ed                                      past participle

-ant                                     gerund or present participle

-i                                          adjective

-sap                                    science

-o                                        verbs in future time

-or                                       acting noun

-s                                         plural

-sing                                    object of the used verb

un-                                      oppositie of the adjective






a                                          by

a                                          on

a                                          to

a                                          untill

a alt                                    on

a alteri mest                      there

a alti                                  up

a bas                                  under

a basi                                 down

a compari temp                during

a mest                                 here

a temp                                now

acord                                  consent

acordi                                 content

acordi                                 satisfied

act                                      act

act un                                 first

acte                                    do

acte                                    make

acva                                   water

acvai                                  damp

acvai                                  liquid

acvai                                  wet

acvai fud                           soup

acvi drog                           alcohol

ad                                       addition



ad                                       sum

admir                                 wonder

admire                               admire

adres                                  adress

adult                                   adult

aer                                      air

aeri acva                           rain

aeri sent                            smell

aeri sing                            gas

aeri sing                            cloud

aermov                               wind

ager                                    field

ageror                                 farmer

alegr                                   fun

alegr                                   joy

alegr                                   plaisure

alegre                                 laugh

alegri                                  cheerful

alegri                                  gladly

alt                                       height

alt hus                                tower

alte                                     climb

alter                                    other

alteri                                   or

alteri                                   strange

alteri ter                            foreign country

alti                                      above

alti                                      high

amig                                   friend


an                                       year

anim                                   soul

animal                               animal

animal                               meat

apert                                   openness

apertor                               key

arber                                   tree

arm                                     arm

arm                                     branch

aud                                     hearing

aude                                   hear

audising                            sound

audmajin                           radio

auto                                    car

axident                              accident

axidente                            injure

azid                                    acid

azid                                    vinegar



bas                                      depth

base                                    sink

basi                                     below

bel                                       beauty

beli                                      beautiful

bianci                                 white

blondi                                 pale

blondi                                 yellow

blui                                     blue

bon                                     goodness

boni                                    good

boni cas                             coincidence

boni cas                             luck

born                                    birth

bruni                                   brown

bruni drinc                        coffee

buc                                     book

buce                                   read

bum                                    explosion

bum                                    shot

bus                                      bus

busc                                    search



cant                                    singing

cant                                    song

cante                                  sing

capab                                 ability

cas                                      case

cat                                      cat

caval                                  horse

cid                                       child

cludi                                   closed

col                                       glue

cole                                     connect

cole                                     glue

comfort                             comfort

comforti                            comfortable


comforti                            convenient

comforti                            sympathetic

compar                              comparison

compari                             also

compari                             as

compari                             equal

compari                             how

compari                             same

comprend                          comprehension

comprende                        understand

con                                     together

con                                     with

cor                                      heart

corp                                    body

corpvest                             shirt

creat                                   creation

creat                                   invention

cred                                    faith

cred                                    opinion

cred                                    trust

crede                                  believe

crij                                      cry

crije                                    weep

crist                                     Christianity             

cristhus                              church     

crux                                    cross         

cruxe                                  meet

cuc                                      kitchen     

cuce                                    cook         


culp                                    guilt          

cumul                                 accumulation         

cumul                                 group        

cumule                               assemble 

cur                                      current     

cur                                      river          

curaj                                   bravery     rapide

curaj                                   courage    

curt                                     shortness 

cvest                                   question   

cvod                                   which       

cvod fond                          why

cvod hom                           who

cvod loti                            how much

cvod mest                          where

cvod sing                           what

cvod temp                          when



danjer                                danger

de                                        from

de                                        since

defend                               blanket

defend                               defence

defend                               protection

defende                             cover

defendsing                        umbrella

dex                                     right

dezept                                deception

dezid                                  decision

dil                                        buying

dil                                        deal

dile                                      sell

dilhus                                 shop

dir                                       declaration

dir                                       indication

dire                                     show

dog                                     dog

don                                     gift

done                                   give

dorm                                  sleep

dormvonti                         tired

drinc                                   drink

drinc                                   juice

drince                                 drink

drincsing                           cup

drincvont                          thirst

drog                                    drug

drogbusc                           craving

drogi                                   pendent



el                                         he

empt                                   hole

empte                                 forget

empte                                 lose

empte                                 miss

en                                        in

enaf                                    enough

enter                                   door

enter                                   entrance

enteri                                  inside

esper                                   confidence

esper                                   hope

et                                         and

etaj                                     floor

etaj                                     layer

etat                                     state

etati gard                          police

ex                                        out of

exacti                                 exactly

exer                                    exercise

exist                                    existence

existe, ( )                           be

exter                                   exit

exteri                                  outside

extra                                   even

extra                                   extra



falji                                     wrong

faljsing                              mistake

famil                                  family

far                                       distance

fari                                      far

fari                                      late

farin                                   bread

farin                                   cereal

farin                                   flour

farini drog                        beer

farinsing                           pasta

fem                                     woman

femi frater                         sister

fidel                                    fidelity

fij                                        fish

finde                                   find

fix                                       fixation

fixi                                      fix

flor                                      flower

fond                                   ground

fond                                   reason

fond                                   root

form                                   form

form                                   kind

form                                   typ

fort                                     force

fort                                     power

fort                                     violence

forte                                   push

fortsap                               physics

fortsing                              energy

frater                                  brother

fred                                     coldness

fredi                                    cold

fredi veg                            salad

frut                                     fruit

frut                                     propagation

fruti drog                           wine

fude                                    eat

fudhotel                             restaurant

fudsap                                feeding

fudvont                              hunger

fum                                    smoke

fumi drog                          cigarette

futur                                   future

future                                 become

futuri                                  coming

futuri pulet                        egg



gard                                    guard

gard                                    respect, regard

garde                                  be attentive

garden                                garden

gete                                     get

gete                                     receive

getsing                               antenna

glas                                     glasses

glas                                     spectacles

glaspot                              bottle

glaz                                     ice

glob                                    ball

glob                                    world

god                                     god

godsap                               religion

grand                                  size

grav                                    matter

grav                                    weight

grave                                  load

grave                                  weigh

gravi                                   heavy

gravmeter                          kilogram

graz                                    thank

graz                                    thank you



habit                                   apartment

habitor                               inhabitant

hand                                   hand

handpart                           finger

hard                                    hardness

hardi lat                            cheese

hav                                     possession

have                                   have

hed                                     brain

hed                                     head

hede                                   store

hedvest                              hat

hedvuds                             hair

help                                    help

herb                                    grass

herbacva                           tea

hom                                    human being

hom                                    person

homs                                  people

honest                                honor

hot                                      fire

hot                                      heat

hote                                    bake

hote                                    burn

hotel                                   hotel

hoti                                     hot

hus                                      building

hus                                      house



i                                           I

idea                                    answer

idea                                    idea

idea                                    solution

imaj                                    image

imaj                                    photo

imaj                                    picture

imaje                                  grind

imajsap                              art

imit                                     copy

imite                                   imitate

imitor                                 mirror

importanti                         importat

importanti                         necessary

importantvil                     capitol

insect                                  insect

inter                                    between

interi                                   on average

intersing                            middle

isi                                        easy

isi                                        light



jam                                     shame

janj                                     change

janj                                     translation

janje                                   change

jef                                       boss

jef                                       direktor

jef                                       president

jul                                       school

julor                                    teacher

julsing                               theory

lat                                       milk

lator                                    cow

left                                      left

leg                                       leg

legvest                               trousers

lete                                      let

leter                                    letter

leterofiz                             post

lev                                       elevation

lev                                       morning

leve                                     get up

levfud                                 breakfast

lex                                       law

lex                                       rule

lexi                                      fair

lexi                                      right

lexising                              justice

lexising                              punishment

lexsing                               court

liber                                    liberty

lij                                         bed

lije                                       lie

limit                                    border

limit                                    boundary

limit                                    end

lin                                        line

lin                                        rope

lin                                        string

lin                                        thread

ling                                      language

linge                                    say

linge                                    speak

lion                                     lion

lise                                      borrow

lise                                      lend

lise                                      rent

long                                    lenght

longi                                   slow

longmeter                          meter

lot                                       amount

loti                                      much

loti                                      very

lov                                      love

lun                                      moon

luntemp                             month

lus                                       lost

lux                                      day

lux                                      light

lux en ziel                          sun

luxform                              colour

luxfud                                lunch



majin                                 device

majin                                 motor

mal                                     illness

mal                                     malice

mal                                     pain

mal                                     sorrow

mali                                    bad

mali                                    brutal

mali                                    evil

mali cas                             pity

mama                                mother

man                                    man

mar                                     sea

mariaj                                marriage

mariaje                              marry

max pasti                          last

medezin                             medicine

medezinsing                      medicament

medezinsingor                  pharmacist

medium                             medium

mest                                   location

mest                                   place

mest                                   point

metal                                  metal

meter                                  measure

meter                                  scale

militar                                dispute

militar                                fight

militar                                military

militarsing                        weapon

minus                                 less

minus                                 negative

minus                                 subtraction

mix                                     mixture

monet                                money

moneti                               expensive

mont                                  mount

mort                                   death

morte                                 kill

move                                  drive

move                                  move

move                                  walk

movi                                   forward

movi imaj                          film

movsing                             vehicle

mult                                    multiplication

multe                                  calculate

multor                                computer

multsap                              mathematics

mur                                     wall

mur                                     wall

music                                 music

musicsap                           art

must                                   compulsion

muste                                 have to



natur                                  nature

neri                                     black

no                                       no

no                                       not

nom                                    name

nome                                  be called

normali                              usual

notj                                     night

notjfud                               dinner

notji                                    dark

nov                                     message

nov                                     news

novi                                    new

nul                                      nothing

numer                                number



od                                       anger

od                                       fury

od                                       hate

ofend                                 attack

ofend                                 offence

ofiz                                     business

ofiz                                     office

ofiz                                     shop

oil                                        fat

oil                                        oil

old                                      age

oldi                                     old

operti                                  open

oposit                                 opposite

oposit                                 protest

oposit                                 resistance

opositi                                nevertheless

oranji                                 orange

order                                   commsion

order                                   order

order                                   recept

ordere                                 order



papa                                   father

paper                                  page

paper                                  paper

papermedium                   newspaper

pardon                               excuse

pardone                             forgive

parol                                   word

part                                     departement

part                                     division

part                                     part

part                                     sentence

part                                     side

part de corp                      organ

part de corp a mov          foot

parte                                   cut

parte                                   separate

partorsing                         knife

pasport                              identity card

past                                    past

paste                                  last

pasted                                away

pasti                                   after

pasti                                   behind

paur                                    fear

per                                      because

per                                      through

petr                                     stone

pic                                       corner

pic                                       peak

plan                                    map

plan                                    plan

plan                                    purpose

plane                                  expect

plastic                                plastic

plat                                     disc

plat                                     plain

plat                                     plate

plat                                     surface

plen                                    fullness

pleni                                   full

plus                                     further

plus                                     more

plus                                     positive

plus act                              continuation

plus boni                           better

plus minus                         almost

plus minus                         approximate

polit                                    politics

por                                      for

porc                                    pig

posibil                                possibility

posibili                               probable

posid                                  property

poside                                belong

poside                                own

posidi                                 private

pot                                      bowl

pot                                      box

pot                                      pan

pot                                      pot

pot                                      tin

praud                                 proud

pre                                      nearness

preg                                    please

preg                                    prayer

preg                                    request

prei                                     before

prei                                     early

prei                                     beside

problem                             problem

problem                             resignation

problem                             trouble

proper                                clean

propere                              wash

prov                                    proove

pulet                                   chicken

pur                                      poverty

put                                      throw

pute                                    put

pute                                    set

pute                                    throw

putsing                              frame

putsing                              furniture

putsing                              table




rabot                                  profession

rabot                                  work

rabotor                               employee

rabotsing                          tool

rapid                                   speed

rapide                                 hurry

rapidi                                  fast

real                                     reality

real                                     truth

region                                 region

renov                                  renovation

renovi                                 again

report                                 report

report                                 story

rest                                      memory

rest                                      rest

reste                                    remind

reste                                    stay

resti                                     remaining

resti acte                           preserve

retur                                    back

retur                                    return

returi                                   backwards

rex                                      king

rexe                                    rule

ric                                        riches

rosi                                      red

rut                                       street

rut                                       way



sal                                       salt

salut                                   greeting

salut                                   hello

san                                      heath

sang                                    blood

sap                                      brightness

sap                                      knowledge

sap                                      science

sap                                      wisdom

sape                                    know

sapsing                              intelligence

scrib                                    writing

scribe                                  write

secrete                                hide

secreti                                 secret

secur                                   security

self                                      self

sense                                  feel

sensi                                   sensitive

sent                                     feeling

senz                                    without

senz alteri                         only

seplux                                week

serios                                  seriousness

si                                         yes

sidi                                      near

signum                               sign

signum                               signature

silenz                                  peace

silenz                                  silence

sinc                                     though

since                                   think

sing                                     intstrument

sing                                     it

sing                                     material

sing                                     object

sing                                     theme

sing                                     thing

singsap                              chemistry

singul                                  desert

singul                                  individual

singuli                                 alone

singuli                                 few

singuli                                 lonely

singuli                                 single

sit                                        chair

site                                      sit

so                                        so

so                                        so

so                                        unless

spaz                                    room

spaz                                    volume

spazmeter                          liter

sport                                   game

sport                                   sport

stande                                stand

star                                     star

start                                    begin

station                                railway station

step                                     step

steps                                   staircase

stic                                      bone

stic                                      stick

stice                                    prick

sticesing                            fork

stud                                    study

stupid                                 stupidity

sucar                                  sugar

sucari                                 sweet

sucari farin                       cake

sucses                                 success

svimsing                            ship

swime                                 swim



tect                                     roof

teice                                    take

temp                                   hour

temp                                   time

tempe                                 wait

tempi empt                        break

tempmajin                         watch

tempmest                           date

tempmeter                         second

tent                                     tention

ter                                       earth

ter                                       land

ter                                       soil

tip                                       character

tipi                                      typical

to                                        too much

toilet                                   toilet

tot                                       whole

toti                                      everybody

toti                                      everything

toti                                      total

totis                                    all

train                                    train

traine                                  pull

trainpasport                     ticket

trainrut                              track

trembe                               shake

trembe                               tremble

trist                                     sadness

tu                                        do

tunel                                   passage

tunel                                   tunnel

turne                                   turn

tus                                       you



unacvi                                dry

unbeli                                 ugly

uncred                                doupt

unforti                                weak

ungrand                             little

ungrandi stic                    needle

unhardi                              soft

un hom                               someone

unisi                                    difficult

unlex                                  prohibition

unlexi teice                       steal

unliberi                               caught

unmoneti                           cheep

unold                                  youth

unoldi                                 young

un parted du                     half

unpasted                           still

unplaned                           suddenly

unproper                            mud

untenti                               loose

unvesti                               naked

unvidant                            blind

util                                      profit

utile                                    use

utile                                    use



vag                                     wave

val                                      valley

valu                                    price

valu                                    value

value                                  cost

valui                                   valuable

valumetal                          gold

veg                                      plant

veg                                      vegetable

vegi start                           seed

vegiglob                            potato

vegistic                              carrot

velo                                    bicycle

ven                                     arrival

vene                                   come

verdi                                   green

vest                                     dress

vestsing                             cloth

vid                                      view

vide                                    see

vidmotor                            television

vil                                        town

viv                                      live

vol                                      flight

vont                                    desire

vont                                    intention

vont                                    sense

vont                                    wish

vonte                                  demand

vontsing                            destination

vontsing                            finish

vud                                     wood

vuds                                   forest



ziel                                      heaven

ziel                                      wheater

zirc                                      circle

zirc                                      wheel

zirci                                     round






ability                                 capab

above                                 alti

accident                             axident

accumulation                   cumul

acid                                    azid

act                                      act

addition                             ad

admire                               admire

adress                                 adres

adult                                   adult

after                                   pasti

again                                  renovi

age                                      old

air                                       aer

alcohol                              acvi drog

all                                        totis

almost                                plus minus

alone                                  singuli

also                                     compari

amount                              lot

and                                     et

anger                                  od

animal                               animal

answer                               idea

antenna                             getsing

apartment                         habit

approximate                     plus minus

arm                                     arm

arrival                                ven

art                                       imajsap, musicsap

as                                        compari

assemble                           cumule

attack                                ofend

away                                  pasted



back                                   retur

backwards                        returi

bad                                     mali

bake                                   hote

ball                                     glob

be                                        existe, ( )

be attentive                       garde

be called                            nome

beautiful                            beli

beauty                               bel

because                             per

become                              future

bed                                     lij

beer                                    farini drog

before                                prei

begin                                  start

behind                                pasti

believe                               crede

belong                                poside

below                                 basi

beside                                 prei

better                                 plus boni

between                             inter

bicycle                               velo

birth                                    born

black                                  neri

blanket                               defend

blind                                   unvidant

blood                                  sang

blue                                    blui

body                                   corp

bone                                   stic

book                                   buc

border                                limit

borrow                               lise

boss                                    jef

bottle                                 glaspot

boundary                          limit

bowl                                   pot

box                                     pot

brain                                   hed

branch                               arm

bravery                              curaj

bread                                  farin

break                                  tempi empt

breakfast                           levfud

brightness                          sap

brother                               frater

brown                                 bruni

brutal                                 mali

building                              hus

burn                                    hote

bus                                      bus

business                             ofiz

buying                                dil

by                                       a



cake                                    sucari farin

calculate                            multe

capitol                               importantvil

car                                      auto

carrot                                 vegistic

case                                    cas

cat                                      cat

caught                                unliberi

cereal                                 farin

chair                                   sit

change                               janje

change                               janj

character                           tip

cheep                                 unmoneti

cheerful                             alegri

cheese                                hardi lat

chemistry                           singsap

chicken                              pulet

child                                   cid

Christianity                       crist

church                               cristhus

cigarette                            fumi drog

circle                                   zirc

clean                                  proper

climb                                  alte

closed                                 cludi

cloth                                   vestsing

cloud                                  aerising

coffee                                 bruni drinc

coincidence                      boni cas

cold                                    fredi

coldness                             fred

colour                                luxform

come                                  vene

comfort                             comfort

comfortable                      comforti

coming                               futuri

commsion                         order         

comparison                       compar    

comprehension                comprend

compulsion                       must         

computer                           multor      

confidence                        esper         

connect                              cole           

consent                              acord        

content                              acordi       

continuation                    plus act    

convenient                        comforti  

cook                                   cuce

copy                                   imit           

corner                                 pic             

cost                                     value        

courage                              curaj         

court                                  lexsing

cover                                  defende

cow                                     lator

craving                              drogbusc

creation                             creat

cross                                   crux

cry                                      crij

cup                                     drincsing

current                               cur

cut                                      parte



damp                                 acvai

danger                                danjer

dark                                    notji

date                                    tempmest

day                                     lux

deal                                    dil

death                                  mort

deception                          dezept

decision                             dezid

declaration                        dir

defence                              defend

demand                             vonte

departement                     part

depth                                  bas

desert                                 singul

desire                                  vont

destination                       vontsing

device                                majin

difficult                              unisi

dinner                                notjfud

direktor                              jef

disc                                     plat

dispute                               militar

distance                             far

division                              part

do                                       tu

do                                       acte

dog                                     dog

door                                    enter

doupt                                 uncred

down                                  a basi

dress                                   vest

drink                                   drinc

drink                                   drince

drive                                   move

drug                                    drog

dry                                      unacvi

during                                a compari temp



early                                   prei

earth                                   ter

easy                                    isi

eat                                      fude

egg                                     futuri pulet

elevation                           lev

employee                          rabotor

end                                     limit

energy                                fortsing

enough                               enaf

entrance                            enter

equal                                  compari

even                                   extra

everybody                         toti

everything                         toti

evil                                      mali

exactly                               exacti

excuse                                pardon

exercise                              exer

existence                           exist

exit                                     exter

expect                                plane

expensive                          moneti

explosion                           bum

extra                                   extra



fair                                      lexi

faith                                   cred

family                                famil

far                                       fari

farmer                                ageror

fast                                     rapidi

fat                                       oil

father                                 papa

fear                                     paur

feeding                              fudsap

feel                                     sense

feeling                                sent

few                                     singuli

fidelity                               fidel

field                                    ager

fight                                    militar

film                                     movi imaj

find                                     finde

finger                                 handpart

finish                                  vontsing

fire                                      hot

first                                     act un

fish                                     fij

fix                                       fixi, hardi

fixation                              fix

flight                                   vol

floor                                   etaj

flour                                   farin

flower                                 flor

foot                                     part de corp a mov

for                                       por

force                                   fort

foreign country                alteri ter

forest                                  vuds

forget                                 empte

forgive                               pardone

fork                                     sticesing

form                                   form

forward                              movi

frame                                  putsing

friend                                 amig

from                                   de

fruit                                    frut

full                                      pleni

fullness                              plen

fun                                      alegr

furniture                            putsing

further                                plus

fury                                    od

future                                 futur



game                                  sport

garden                                garden

gas                                      aeri sing

get                                       gete

get up                                 leve

gift                                      don

give                                     done

gladly                                 alegri

glasses                                glas

glue                                     cole

glue                                     col

god                                     god

gold                                    valumetal

good                                   boni

goodness                           bon

grass                                   herb

green                                  verdi

greeting                              salut

grind                                   imaje

ground                               fond

group                                  cumul

guard                                  gard

guilt                                    culp



hair                                    hedvuds

half                                     un parted du

hand                                   hand

hardness                            hard

hat                                      hedvest

hate                                    od

have                                   have

have to                               muste

he                                        el

head                                   hed

hear                                    aude

hearing                               aud

heart                                   cor

heat                                    hot

heath                                  san

heaven                               ziel

heavy                                 gravi

height                                 alt

hello                                   salut

help                                    help

here                                    a mest

hide                                    secrete

high                                    alti

hole                                    empt

honor                                 honest

hope                                   esper

horse                                  caval

hot                                      hoti

hotel                                   hotel

hour                                    temp

house                                 hus

how                                    compari

how much                          cvod loti

human being                     hom

hunger                                fudvont

hurry                                  rapide



I                                          i

ice                                       glaz

idea                                    idea

identity card                     pasport/prov

illness                                 mal

image                                 imaj

imitate                               imite

importat                            importanti

in                                         en

indication                          dir

individual                          singul

inhabitant                         habitor

injure                                  axidente

insect                                  insect

inside                                  enteri

intelligence                      sapsing

intention                            vont

intstrument                       sing

invention                           creat

it                                          sing



joy                                      alegr

juice                                   drinc

justice                                lexising



key                                     apertor

kill                                       morte

kilogram                            gravmeter

kind                                    form

king                                    rex

kitchen                               cuc

knife                                   partorsing

know                                  sape

knowledge                         sap






land                                    ter

language                            ling

last                                      paste

last                                     max pasti

late                                     fari

laugh                                  alegre

law                                      lex

layer                                   etaj

left                                      left

leg                                       leg

lend                                    lise

lenght                                 long

less                                      minus

let                                        lete

letter                                   leter

liberty                                 liber

lie                                        lije

light                                    isi

light                                    lux

line                                      lin

lion                                     lion

liquid                                  acvai

liter                                    spazmeter

little                                    ungrand

live                                      viv

load                                    grave

location                             mest

lonely                                 singuli

loose                                   untenti

lose                                     empte

lost                                      lus

love                                    lov

luck                                    boni cas

lunch                                  luxfud



make                                  acte

malice                                mal

man                                    man

map                                    plan

marriage                            mariaj

marry                                 mariaje

material                             sing

mathematics                     multsap

matter                                grav

measure                             meter

meat                                   animal

medicament                      medezinsing

medicine                            medezin

medium                             medium

meet                                   cruxe

memory                             rest

message                             nov

metal                                  metal

meter                                  longmeter

middle                                intersing

military                              militar

milk                                    lat

mirror                                 imitor

miss                                    empte

mistake                              faljsing

mixture                              mix

money                               monet

month                                 luntemp

moon                                 lun

more                                   plus

morning                             lev

mother                               mama

motor                                 majin

mount                                mont

move                                  move

much                                  loti

mud                                    unproper

multiplication                   mult

music                                 music



naked                                 unvesti

name                                  nom

nature                                natur

near                                    sidi

nearness                            pre

necessary                          importanti

needle                                ungrandi stic

negative                             minus

nevertheless                      opositi

new                                     novi

news                                   nov

newspaper                        papermedium

night                                   notj

no                                       no

not                                      no

nothing                              nul

now                                    a temp

number                              numer



object                                 sing

offence                              ofend

office                                 ofiz

oil                                        oil

old                                      oldi

on                                       a alt

on                                       a

on average                        interi

only                                    senz alteri

open                                   operti

openness                           apert

opinion                              cred

opposite                             oposit

or                                        alteri

orange                                oranji

order                                   order

order                                   ordere

organ                                 part de corp

other                                   alter

out of                                 ex

outside                               exteri

own                                    poside



page                                   paper

pain                                    mal

pale                                    blondi

pan                                     pot

paper                                  paper

part                                     part

passage                              tunel

past                                    past

pasta                                  farinsing

peace                                 silenz

peak                                   pic

pendent                             drogi

people                                homs

person                                hom

pharmacist                        medezinsingor

photo                                 imaj

physics                               fortsap

picture                                imaj

pig                                       porc

pity                                     mali cas

place                                  mest

plain                                   plat

plaisure                              alegr

plan                                    plan

plant                                   veg

plastic                                plastic

plate                                   plat

please                                 preg

point                                   mest

police                                 etati gard

politics                               polit

positive                              plus

possession                         hav

possibility                          posibil

post                                    leterofiz

pot                                      pot

potato                                vegiglob

poverty                              pur

power                                 fort

prayer                                preg

preserve                             resti acte

president                            jef

price                                   valu

prick                                   stice

private                               posidi

probable                            posibili

problem                             problem

profession                         rabot

profit                                  util

prohibition                        unlex

proove                               prov

propagation                      frut

property                             posid

protection                          defend

protest                                oposit

proud                                 praud

pull                                     traine

punishment                       lexising

purpose                              plan

push                                   forte

put                                      pute



question                             cvest



radio                                  audmajin

railway station                 station

rain                                    aeri acva

read                                    buce

reality                                 real

reason                                fond

receive                               gete

recept                                 order

red                                      rosi

region                                 region

religion                             godsap

remaining                          resti

remind                               reste

renovation                        renov

rent                                     lise

report                                 report

request                               preg

resignation                        problem

resistance                          oposit

respect, regard                  gard

rest                                      rest

restaurant                         fudhotel

return                                 retur

riches                                  ric

right                                    dex

right                                    lexi

river                                    cur

roof                                    tect

room                                  spaz

root                                     fond

rope                                    lin

round                                 zirci

rule                                     rexe

rule                                     lex



sadness                              trist

salad                                  fredi veg

salt                                      sal

same                                  compari

satisfied                             acordi

say                                      linge

scale                                   meter, compar

school                                jul

science                               sap

sea                                      mar

search                                busc

second                               tempmeter

secret                                  secreti

security                              secur

see                                      vide

seed                                    vegi start

self                                      self

sell                                      dile

sense                                  vont

sensitive                             sensi

sentence                            part

separate                             parte

seriousness                        serios

set                                       pute

shake                                 trembe

shame                                jam

ship                                    svimsing

shirt                                    corpvest

shop                                   ofiz / dilhus

shortness                           curt

shot                                    bum

show                                   dire

side                                     part

sign                                     signum

signature                            signum

silence                                silenz

since                                   de

sing                                     cante

singing                                cant

single                                  singuli

sink                                     base

sister                                  femi frater

sit                                        site

size                                     grand

sleep                                   dorm

slow                                    longi

smell                                   aeri sent

smoke                                fum

so                                        so

so                                        so

soft                                     unhardi

soil                                      ter

solution                              idea

someone                            un hom

song                                    cant

sorrow                                mal

soul                                     anim

sound                                 audising

soup                                   acvai fud

speak                                 linge

spectacles                          glas

speed                                  rapid

sport                                   sport

staircase                            steps

stand                                  stande

star                                     star

state                                   etat

stay                                    reste

steal                                   unlexi teice

step                                     step

stick                                    stic

still                                      unpasted

stone                                  petr

store                                   hede

story                                   report

strange                               alteri

street                                  rut

string                                  lin

study                                  stud

stupidity                            stupid

subtraction                        minus

success                               sucses

suddenly                            unplaned

sugar                                  sucar

sum                                    ad

sun                                      lux en ziel

surface                               plat

sweet                                  sucari

swim                                   swime

sympathetic                      comforti



table                                   putsing

take                                    teice

tea                                      herbacva

teacher                               julor

television                          vidmotor

tention                               tent

thank                                 graz

thank you                          graz

theme                                 sing

theory                                julsing

there                                   a alteri mest

thing                                   sing

think                                   since

thirst                                  drincvont

though                               sinc

thread                                lin

through                              per

throw                                  pute

throw                                  put

ticket                                  trainpasport

time                                    temp

tin                                       pot

tired                                   dormvonti

to                                        a

together                             con

toilet                                   toilet

too much                           to

tool                                     rabotsing

total                                    toti

tower                                  alt hus

town                                   vil

track                                   trainrut

train                                    train

translation                         janj

tree                                     arber

tremble                              trembe

trouble                               problem

trousers                             legvest

trust                                    cred

truth                                   real

tunnel                                 tunel

turn                                     turne

typ                                      form

typical                                tipi



ugly                                    unbeli

umbrella                            defendsing

under                                 a bas

understand                        comprende

unless                                 so

untill                                   a

up                                       a alti

use                                      utile

use                                      utile

usual                                  normali



valley                                 val

valuable                            valui

value                                  valu

vegetable                           veg

vehicle                               movsing

very                                    loti

view                                    vid

vinegar                               azid

violence                             fort

volume                              spaz



wait                                    tempe

walk                                   move

wall                                     mur

wall                                     mur

wash                                   propere

watch                                 tempmajin

water                                  acva

wave                                  vag

way                                    rut

weak                                  unforti

weapon                              militarsing

week                                   seplux

weep                                   crije

weigh                                  grave

weight                                grav

wet                                      acvai

what                                   cvod sing

wheater                              ziel

wheel                                  zirc

when                                  cvod temp

where                                 cvod mest

which                                 cvod

white                                  bianci

who                                    cvod hom

whole                                 tot

why                                     cvod fond

wind                                   aermov

wine                                   fruti drog

wisdom                              sap

wish                                    vont

with                                    con

without                              senz

woman                              fem

wonder                               admir

wood                                  vud

word                                   parol

work                                   rabot

world                                  glob

write                                   scribe

writing                                scrib

wrong                                 falji



year                                    an

yellow                                blondi

yes                                      si

you                                     tus

young                                 unoldi

youth                                 unold